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RAYS  Baseball Team, FL

"It was a pleasure to work with Tricia on the
2023 Rays Artist Series project.
She was responsive, engaged and asked the necessary questions to get the most out of her assignment. It was exciting to see her unique style and vision come to life in our ballpark!"


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Name Dropper.jpg

Cover Art for 'Name Dropper' single release with the band 'Liquid Pennies' 'LiquidPennies' requested a liquified ambiguous figure to coincide with their lastest single release titled 'Name Dropper.'


Selected Artist for the RAYS Artist Series 2023 Collection : depicting Aki Iwamura's exhilerating play sending the Rays to their first World Series

Requested a minimal color scheme of neutrals & the inclusion of an abstracted figure in a horizontal format.

Leaf Wingg.jpg
NJ S.jpg

Requested an abstracted figure in vertical formatting for an upcoming limited edition skateboard deck design (RELEASE TBA)

Requested a mermaid for their beach-themed home with blues, greens, and purples while the jellyfish in orange and red color tones.

Ai w_ Peony.jpg

Requested the depiction of Peony flowers through a smaller scale canvas for easier traveling. She mentioned that Peony flowers in Korea represent luck & wanted this symbol to be with her throughout her tendency to move out of town frequently.

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