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About Me

My name is Tricia Sham & I am a figurative

mixed media artist based in Florida.


Dig through the layers

of abstract(ed) surrealism

Storms 8 Cropped.jpg
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Mixed media artist, Tricia Sham amplifies life’s deflating and elating experiences by conducting hyper-focused observations of insects and plants. Her creative process revolves around actively viewing her surroundings puzzled together by abstract(ed) shapes and is influenced by the connection between posture and emotions.


With the emphasis on translating this ambiguous lens onto surfaces ranging from matboard to canvas, Sham’s work has been described as an endless void of vulnerable interpretations.

Most known for discovering links between insects’ actions and human emotions, she has occupied a number of physical spaces including Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg as a part of the 2023 Rays Artist Series. Sham hopes to increase or revive others’ excitement for nature and for viewers to feel the beauty in vulnerability; to finally feel

what they could never describe. 


I am an abstract(ed) figurative artist who amplifies the convoluted feelings within betrayal. My work represents the betrayal rhythm of shock, loneliness, recovery, and empowerment through an ambiguous yet intricate and intimate lens, creating an endless void of vulnerable interpretations. I conceive understandings of these hurtful and liberating feelings by wondrously relating to insects and plants. Nature serves as both a savior and an opposer to elude to the confusing effects of trickery.


I play with the idea of depicting nature elements that exude innocence to create a situation where they are nothing but a weapon, just as some people can disguise. Contrastively, I also transform nature that is outwardly aggressive by constructing conditions

where they are attempting to protect,

which questions ill desires

Storms 7 Cropped.jpg

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